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Need to know how work affects government benefits?

The Work Incentives Connection (the Connection) provides specialized answers about the impact of work on government benefits. Armed with clear, accurate information about their options, people with disabilities can make informed and confident decisions about employment.  


The Connection answers questions about the impact of work on Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, Medical Assistance, Medicare, Food Support, subsidized housing and other benefit programs used by people with disabilities. If needed, Connection staff research complicated issues and assist individuals in advocating directly with government representatives.

Benefits Analysis

In-depth Benefits Analysis reports are developed with explanations of how work at varying levels will affect each benefit received, as well as a bottom-line assessment of available income (wages + benefits) before and after working. Special work incentives and health care options that apply to the individual’s situation are identified. The Benefits Analysis gives participants clear and useful information to make their own choices about working.


Each year, the Connection conducts community education presentations and meetings throughout Minnesota. The Connection publishes a newsletter and hosts a website with extensive information about government benefit program rules and incentives for people with disabilities who want to work. Sign up for the newsletter and get more information.


Anyone can call the Connection with questions about work and benefits. Assistance is provided to people with all types of disabilities throughout Minnesota, as well as family members, vocational or other service providers, advocates, and others assisting people with disabilities. To receive in-depth services, participants must be between ages 16 and 64, and receiving either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


The staff at the Connection are called Community Work Incentives Coordinators (CWICs). This person is responsible for helping you understand how all your government benefits are affected by working. CWICs have been trained and certified by Virginia Commonwealth University to provide in-depth and individualized benefits assistance and planning. Each staff member has passed a Social Security Administration background and suitability screening. The CWIC will offer you individualized services based on your interests and needs.

Services are provided in partnership with Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitative Services and Work Incentives Planning and Assistance project of the Social Security Administration.